What is an Alcoholic? Am I an Alcoholic?

If we look at the dictionary definition, an alcoholic is an individual or person who suffers from the disease of alcoholism. For their brain to function, they become totally dependent on alcohol. Without a drink, occurs the withdrawal symptoms. However, there’s much more to the story. Alcoholism is a serious disease and as most diseases, there are dimensions of seriousness.

So how can you decide that if you’ve crossed the line from drinker to alcoholic? What comes in your mind when you think you are an alcoholic? How to stop? Who can help? I want to answer all of your questions. First of all it’s very important to realize why alcoholism is such an hazardous disease.

Why Alcohol is a problem?

Alcoholics don’t have the ability to control their obsession, including the quantity they consume and when they drink. As a result, you can confront health problems or problems in personal and professional life. A lot of people find themselves alone and in poor health because of alcohol. Where their intake quantity doesn’t matter.

Many people deny to believe that it’s a disease. Where a mild drinker can quit their drinking habit whenever they want to. But that’s not true with all of them. A good percentage of these individuals are stepping towards alcoholism. Whereas if we talk about alcoholics, they can’t quit even if they want to.

Not only can alcoholism lead to serious health issues, but it can literally spoil their personal and professional relationships. Many alcoholics find themselves in extreme financial burden, because of spending a lot of money on alcohol, while neglecting other responsibilities.

If you ever find drinking is effecting your life at home or at work, there’s a possibility that you are either an alcoholic or on the way towards the same. Alcoholics tends to consume alcohol literally for no reasons, they have a lot of excuses for why they are drinking.

After reading this, if you find yourself somewhere down there. It’s a high alert and you may want to question your drinking habits.

Alcoholism’s Symptoms

To pinpoint the warning symptoms and signs of alcoholism is not so difficult. Most of the times an alcoholic will never admit that there is a problem. Generally speaking if we talk to 100 of those people only one or two individuals have this realization. That’s why it’s important to recognize the symptoms of alcoholism.

Here are some more symptoms :

  • Drinking alone as well as endeavoring to conceal it from others.
  • Unable to place a limit on consumption.
  • Missing family-based and/or business-related events.
  • Feeling irritable when unable to have a drink.
  • Relationship inconvenience originating from liquor use.
  • Run-ins with the law, for example, driving impaired or open inebriation.
  • Sweating and nausea, even when not drinking.

Causes of Alcoholism

No one happens to be alcoholic overnight. There is no exact moment when you get attracted towards alcoholism. Instead, it takes a lot of time or may be years to grow it into a disease. Alcoholism can make a stand within weeks in case you have uncontrolled drinking.

Alteration in brain chemicals happen over time with regular consumption of alcohol, making the drinker carve for alcohol i.e. to avoid bad or poor feelings. Every time you consume alcohol results in several chemical imbalance in brain. With the progression of time with same habit, brain becomes used to it and consider it natural and balanced. This is a disease of brain known as alcoholism. This imbalance is extremely unhealthy.

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